Sunday, July 20, 2008


Minus the moment when I made little Sam cry, tonight was a blast! Can you say gorgeous? Thanks for being so easy going, "S" family. We crawled to safety from a burning fire and a meth house...right guys?!!!

Here's a few of my favorites. It was hard to choose. Why you gotta go and be so pretty? Sheesh.

"S" Family

"S" Family

"S" Family

"S" Family

"S" Family


Sharps said...

You stud! I am going to go broke buying all these photos! I knew you would come through! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! You are so GREAT!
PS. you did so good with our grumpy kids! cant wait to see the rest!

Amie Steele said...

These are amazing Sara! What a beautiful family!

Cando said...

YAY!! You done my girl good. They look so good Sara!! I love them. I can't wait for you to take "my" pictures. Love them. Love you. Love the Sharps.. yum.

kelly said...

Hi Sara,

Haven't looked at your blog for awhile - you're doing some GREAT work!!! Love it!!


Melissa said...

holy moly you are sooo talented!!! i can't wait for you to take pics of us!!!!! YEAH!

Jinksee said...

Beautiful family. Lots of love there. :D

Cascio Photography said...

I am seriously counting down the days!! (and maybe the pounds too ;)...JK) I only wish I was a beautiful as this mommy, but thats why I am BEHIND the camera for the most part! But I am sure you can work your magic on us!! CAN'T WAIT!! Is it September yet?!