Saturday, August 2, 2008

Babe-a-licious BFF

My best girl came to visit from Las Vegas this weekend. I love when I get the chance to photograph her family. Every time I see her though, she adds another kid to the bunch! THREE now Sarah! Seriously! (yes, she's Sarah too!) Ahh, good times were had by all. Oliver had good times with Dallyn and Broc...and baby Drew is a dream baby. Here's some of my favorites. Sarah honey, you're gorgeous. Sheesh.




Here I am with Sarah. We are HOTNESS.


Cascio Photography said...

SO fun! I cannot wait for ours! Love the location (wink, wink)! And its funny that her name is Sarah too... me and my best girl are both Brittany's. Crazy! :)

Sarahirvin said...

DANG! We do look good! Sara you are the best!!! I love you and miss you already :( Your the best BFF a girl could ever have!
Loves and hugs SaraH

The Forney Four said...

ooo I love these!! I can't believe she has 3 boys! what?!!!!!! I think that's my destiny. They're gorgeous... and I love that last one of you, too!

Angie Penrose said...

Hotness for sure! LOL! Love these pics. You're SO good!