Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Beautiful Twins-SENIORS!

So yesterday started out with a bang...er, a broken toe. I've got to give my sweet client a big THANK YOU for putting up with the craziness. I didn't think I'd make it to this session but the Dr. at the Instacare was quite speedy. We were able to get a few pictures in before the sun dissapeared.
Leslie, seriously...you win "the best client ever" award for putting up with me yesterday! Sheesh!
So here is the sneak peek for you lovely ladies.





The Credit Jedi said...

Those are great.

Diana & CJ said...

The look like models, again another great job Sara. excited to see how the rest of them turn out.

Becca said...

Sorry about the broken toe. Pics turned out lovely, gotta love those beautiful twins! Love the Avery pics too! You're stellar!

Everlasting Images said...

Hey Sara

They turned out great! Thanks for letting me come I had a blast! Did you decide not to post the pics of your blood erupting toe? Ha ha what an experience! How has your toe been? I will see you Wednesday!