Thursday, October 30, 2008

Busy Busy!

Sorry guys, I'm behind on posting. I'm behind on pretty much everything. Thanks for being patient! Here's your sneak peek o' love.

I LOVE YOU ALL, dear clients of mine. You make my world go 'round.


This one is for Dustin, you rock dude! Thanks for everything!




Everlasting Images said...

I love the model from the workshop!! Okay well not really, I meant the picture hee hee. So I totally can't even view my CD of my images :( My drives went out, why does all the poop hit the fan at the same time?? But I'm way excited when I get my new ones to view and edit the photos I took that night.

PS How did fam pics go?

Oakstream Photography said...

Oh that 2nd shot is YUM-EEEEEEEE!!!! Fab work!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work!