Thursday, February 12, 2009

Darling Izzy

This adorable little lady has so much personality. I've been able to photograph her forthe past 3 years and yesterday I got to photograph her with her new twin brothers. This shot, in particular, is my favorite from the shoot. You see, the thing about Izzy is this...Izzy knows what she wants, Izzy likes to be in charge, and Izzy is the sweetest thing all wrapped up in a ball of fire. In this moment, the world stopped for one second and I caught a glimpse of that sweet fire. I sure love this girl. Really, she is one of a kind and I've loved watching her grow up. Lucky me...lovin' my job and all. :)

More from this session to come. Wait till you see her darling brothers.



Kristin Cook said...

sooooo sweet :)

Mary said...

Oh she is gorgeous!

Trish in Texas said...

Oh, that sweet Izzy! It sure makes me miss her mom and dad! Beautiful job, Sara!

Jamie Sampson Photography said...

adorable. I love her little expression!