Saturday, March 14, 2009

Carolyn and Talon

I have no words...okay maybe just a few.

I've never met a couple more in love than these two. I had a blast with them today. And Carolyn's mom is a dream to work with. I can't wait for their wedding! Neither can they, I'm sure. They reminded me how wonderful it is to be in love. I gotta go home and get makey-outtie with my husband now.








Haley said...

something is going wrong everytime I try to post! i love these pics so much that I must make it known!!!

i love how natural and relaxed these pictures look and really wish I could talk my clients into these pics!!! they are fantastic.

Asay Family said...

June is coming so quickly and I can hardly wait for it the finally be my turn. It is going to be AWESOME! You are lovely.

YCM the blog... said...

Sara I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! Some of my favorites from you!!!!

mruchti said...

These are SO gorgeous Sara, and it doesn't hurt that Carolyn is so radiant!