Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June for the Boulters...

Two tragic deaths?


Swine Flu?


Broken Arm?


Rescheduling 14 sessions because of this crazy rain?


Camera and computer malfunction?


iPhone destroyed in a cup of hot Thera-flu?


I'm ready for July.....seriously. Cry me a river. And then whop me upside the head and remind me that life is actually awesome and I'll get through June with a smile on my face. :) Check THESE out..... Yes, I have SO much to be thankful for...I'm breathing.

Thanks for your love, your patience, and "good times ahead" vibes. X to you all.


Heather said...

dude. seriously?

I am so sorry. Hang in there! Hopefully all the crap in your life left with the rain. Bring on the sun! :)

Tiffani said...

You can't be serious?! All that stuff really happened? Geez girl...time to move on to July for sure! Those picture below are TO DIE FOR! And also...do you really have Kalai coming to your house?! You're like famous or something.

Annie Schilperoort Photography said...

I'm so sorry to hear all that you've been going through. :( July WILL be better. I love your photography, Sara! Thanks for your inspiration!

Annie Schilperoort Photography said...

I'm so sorry to hear you've been going through all that. :( July WILL be better. Your work is beautiful, Sara!

Staci said...

Crap Sara. My thoughts are with you. Why does that whole saying always have to be so true... when it rains it pores? Surely sunny skies must be ahead. Let me know if I can be of any kind of help.

SunnyD said...

Hey...you don't know me but I was sitting at Angie's desk when you dropped the excitement of the taco wagon on her. :) SOOOO sorry about your crappy month. But on the lighter side...you have some freakin' awesome pictures. Next time I'm there...I want a taco too. HA!

turleybenson said...

Uh...sick of me yet? I somehow just saw this post and feel extra bad for asking a big favor of you. SWINE FLU??? Are you kidding me??? That is a whole month of suck. I'm so sorry. Here's to a happy July!