Friday, August 14, 2009

Hello to you....Oh "So-So"

These are some the sweetest people ever to walk this earth. Leave a comment and I'll give you their number (and all their other personal information) so you can call and be friends with them. You WANT to be their friend, I assure you. The pretty blonde mama happens to be my sister, so we're more than friends. You're jealous. :)



Liz in New York said...

How are those people so incredibly attractive? How?

You are the rockin'-est photographer and sister in the world. Thank you for a wonderful day and a wonderful photo shoot.

We love you. So much.

Hello to you.

darla said...

I would say they are lucky to have a talanted "friend" like you!

Lacey Jay said...

Hey Sara,

A couple months ago (I was still living in Cali) you were in need of a assitant and/or 2nd shooter. I was dying because I was so far away but I would love the chance to learn from you and work with you. Me and my family moved here last month and so I just wanted to know if you were still in need of a 2nd shooter? I've been doing photography for a couple years and would still love to learn more... especially from you:) I love your work! I had to laugh because I've seen never a logo close to mine and when I found your blog "wal-la" :) Anyway Please let me know if you're in need of any kind of help. THANK YOU. I look forward to hearing from you.

BellaRosePhotography said...

Just thought I would let you know that I LOVE your work and you do a fabulous job!

AD said...

One word--fabulous.

You're the best! When are you coming to CA to make us look this good? Ha ha.

Our Family said...

Oh my! These are amazing. YOU are amazing, they are amazing. There is a whole lot of amazing going on around here.

The Forney Four said...

I was there at this shoot and didn't even see these pics take place!!! how do you do it?!! you're amazing.

gosh I miss you.

Stacy Mike and Thalia Talbot said...

They are beau-ti-ful! Nice work Sara. You continue to amaze me!

Rhyetta Musser said...

Darling pictures! Great photography and beautiful subjects!

mindy said...

Sara. I stalk you all the time just so you know. Before I even became a photographer. I love the personality that comes out of your photos. You are so talented. You inspire me so much! Just thought I would say hi!

Sarah Irvin said...

Liz your daughter is breathtakingly beautiful! WOW so beautiful!