Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sweet to be Two

I've been photographing Ashton (and his sister) since he was born. Last night with this little dude was so fun. Two is always such a tricky age to shoot...but this kid is a piece of cake. I love when I've photographed a kiddo for a while and they get comfortable with me. That's why having a family photographer is such a good idea!



Laure said...

Wonderful picture!! Full of emotion on these images.

Angie Monson said...

wow he is cute. I love that last one!

Amy said...

Darling pictures Sara! He is such a cutie!

Julie said...

I just think you're amazing!! Since I am totally prego...and I'm due in January....I will definitely be needing you to take some pics of our babe when he's born!! I know you get booked quickly so I'll have to email you and get in touch. Until then, have so much fun on your trip!