Saturday, October 3, 2009

All Play and no Work

My job isn't work with these two lovies. They belong to my friend Tiffani. We have parked our RV in their driveway for a few days while we get ready to start another leg of our trip. I was so happy to get to photograph these cute boys again. I know, I know..I said I wasn't shooting while I was gone. Yep, I'm a big fat liar liar-pants.

And they are big fat cutie cutie-pants.

I took these in their backyard. Bremerton, WA is GORGEOUS.



Nicholette said...

Adorable boys and what a wonderful backdrop! Awesome job, as always.

Trish said...


Jan Hornberger said...

Sara and Tiffani what cute cute pictures of the boys!!

A Summers said...

I want to move to WA. Las Vegas is so brown and dead!

Asay Family said...

I know this is a bit in advance and you are crazy busy right now but I am wondering if there is some thought on when the photoshoots for Valentines are goingto be? I am sure this has not been thought about yet but I really don't want to miss it this year!

Sarah Irvin said...

oh dang girl you are so good! I love them.