Monday, January 19, 2009

Old enough to know better...

This little man had other things besides picture taking on his mind today. Newborns are tricky to photograph after just a few weeks. They realize quickly how fun it is to be awake! It was such a treat for me to be with him and his mama this morning. After some serious snugglin' and feedin' and bouncin', he was ready for his close-up.

Kathryn, your boy is an angel. Keep him. Or sell him to ME. Please? Really, you are an amazing mom. I loved watching you with him. You knew just what he needed and you love him perfectly. It was so precious for me to observe. Thank you for choosing me to capture some of his sweetness. (AND some of your hotness! Seriously, you're beautiful!!! Yowza!)




...something a little different.

Here's how much he LOVED the hats we made him wear! ...just keepin' it real.


Kevin, Jess, and Kamryn said...

I love em. All of em. Maybe the first is my fav?!?

Stacy Mike and Thalia Talbot said...

So good Sara! I want you to come to my house in Feb...where do I sign up? (:

Liz in New York said...

What a beautiful baby and gorgeous mommy. You've done it again: totally captured their sweet personalities. LOVE this!