Sunday, October 18, 2009

SBP 2009 Holiday Card Templates-$40

Here you go!

7 5x7 Flat Cards (front and back included)
1 5x5 Tri-fold

Specs: WHCC (can be printed anywhere with minor tweaking in PS)

Layered PSD files. Use clipping masks to place photos. Instructions, font list, and card samples included.

Colors and text can be changed. Some detailed patterns are not editable.


2009 Card Samples


Brittany Stucki said...

Those are super cute!! Have you been working on your vacation?

Misha +Tucker Rees said...

these are darling! im "fixin" to purchase them riiight now! p.s. will you be making anymore [i know how you just looove to work on your vacation] i would love to buy some more :) and p.s.s. any place you would recommend for printing these fancy fancy things?! thanks sara!!- misha