Monday, December 29, 2008

Hello, it's me.

So 'twas a bad time for my blog to wig out. I wasn't able to log in for days!
I'm here now...hush child. All is well again.

Okay first item of business.....the Christmas gift.

Thank you SO much for all your nominations. I cannot begin to express my gratitude and admiration to each of you for your heartfelt nominations. I'm excited to announce the winner...

Leslie Harkness

Her story touched my heart so deeply and I cannot wait to photograph her and her son.


Our Christmas was perfectly lovely. I have been in desperate need of a holiday and this Christmas couldn't have been better. I relaxed for a whole week! Oliver is officially spoiled and we have had so much fun playing with all the goodness Santa brought.


Lots of changes are coming your way in January from Sara Boulter Photography. Don't's all good things. I'm excited to launch some new products and a new website.

My pricing will be changing in January but you can still book at my current pricing until January 3, 2009. Spring is already filling up...I feel so blessed. My clients ROCK!


My next post will be spectacular, I promise. I have a lot to catch up on today, so until next time.




Leslie said...

since i already wrote you an email... i also just wanted to simply write:
thank you with all of my heart for this treasured gift.

Sharps said...

I love this picture of mom and baby! SOOO CUTE! One of my favorite pictures you took of us what just me and Chloe! CUTE. Anyway, I would love to hear the story of the person you chose: Unless it isn't to be told? I think it is so awesome that you did that! SO SWEET>